Fri 7th - Thur 13th | July 2023

Player Sessions

Carolan’s Elevation: a liturgical composition by Turlough Carolan (1670–1738) (2 of 2)

James Ruff

60 mins

Level: All

Tuesday July 11th

16:00 - 17:00 GMT +1

Event Overview

Aside from the popular and comical pub stories we hear about Carolan, he was also described as a devout Catholic who often played the harp and sang for Mass thoughout his life. This can be seen as a continuation of the early Irish harp’s long history of ligurgical use, seen in early religious carvings. Only one piece of Carolan’s liturgical music has come down to us – an Elevation, a piece to be played while the host is elevated during the mass. We’ll discuss its expression, its form and characteristics as well as its distinctive Irish flavor, and learn my version of this singular piece of liturgical music.

(part 2 of a two-part session)

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