July 23rd - 29th 2022

Player Sessions

Jig to Mrs Abigail Judge

James Ruff

75 mins

Level: All

Tuesday July 26th

15:30 - 16:45 GMT +1

Support Material

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Event Overview

This Turlough Carolan jig, paired with his Mrs. Judge air [see the relevant player’s session with James Ruff on Day 2], was published separately in Bunting’s 1809 publication. It was said by Bunting to have been transcribed by him from harper, Hugh Higgins, and makes a lively counterpoint to the preceding air.  We will look at the earliest surviving version – a MS piano arrangement of Bunting’s – learn the melody together, and work out a simple texture to support the melody.  Finally, we will pair it with the preceding air (that we worked on on Day 2) looking at ways to transition into the jig securely and musically.

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