July 23rd - 29th 2022

Player Sessions

Òran Mòr Mhic Leòid [‘the great song of Macleod’]

James Ruff

75 mins

Level: All

Wednesday July 27th

15:30 - 16:45 GMT +1

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Event Overview

Learn the Scottish-Gaelic Òran Mòr Mhic Leòid [‘the great song of MacLeod’] by ‘the blind harper’, Ruaraidh Mac Mhuirich [Roderick Morison] (c. 1656–1713/14), set to a tune historically associated with this poem. In this song, the harper converses with a personified echo who recounts the past glories of music and poetry at Dunvegan Castle, supported by the recently deceased clan chief, Iain Breac MacLeod (d.1693).  Echo warns the young, new chief to emulate his previous chief as a great patron of Gaelic arts. The song is still sung to current Highland clan chiefs to provide both a model and a warning about good stewardship and patronage.  James Ruff will perform Òran Mòr Mhic Leòid in his lecture-recital on Day 3.

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