July 23rd - 29th 2022

Illustrated Talks

Singing to harp accompaniment in medieval- to early modern Ireland

Dr Siobhán Armstrong

60 mins

Level: All

Thursday July 28th

12:00 - 13:00 GMT +1

Event Overview

Singing to the harp has a long history in the Gaelic world but harp song is not yet even recognised as a genre in Irish music, and has largely been neglected: under-researched and under-performed in modern times. This talk outlines the parameters and story of singing to harp accompaniment in medieval Ireland up to the end of the old harping tradition in the early nineteenth century, outlining some of the composers, and some of the repertory, which may already be familiar. I will also point to historical source material available to singers and harpists – or better yet, singer-harpists! – interested in exploring the wealth of evocative harp songs still awaiting rediscovery. 

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