July 25th - 29th 2022

One-to-one Coach

Andrew Lawrence-King

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My  teaching strategy is to help you progress from whatever your current standard might be, by applying historical principles and my personal experience to the practical challenges of the piece at hand. I encourage you to make music in a holistic and ‘juicy’ way, in which specific techniques and dry information are integrated into a rich musical texture, right from the beginning. Period priorities include Tempo and Rhythm, Rhetorical phrasing, Ornamentation and Variation, Realising the bass, principles of Historical Fingering. Practical questions include Tuning & Temperaments, How to Practise, Flow versus Performance Anxiety, and Ornament-playing. I love giving beginners a great start, just as much as I enjoy coaching international-class soloists. Perhaps you are somewhere on that spectrum…

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