July 23rd - 29th 2022

Edward Bunting's Ancient Music of Ireland and his descriptions of Denis O’Hampsey was my pathway to harp.  Once I procured an early Witcher Castle Otway, I knew to put the harp on my left shoulder and use fingernail and damping technique.  A few years prior, in 1969, I'd quit pipe organ—and learned to play tin whistle through playing along  with recordings.  So, armed with my harp, a deep appreciation for traditional music, and my partner Charlie, I began a life-long journey seeking to recreate the soundscape of the cláirseach.

The past seven years have required us to drastically reduce our touring and become more “homebound,” but not having to perform has given me an opportunity to evolve my technique and style to better realize O'Hampsey's approach.

You are most welcome to specify your topic for private tuition, but here are a few suggestions, should you wish:

For any Level:
• The functionality of a right-handed bass [level appropriate]
• Didactic techniques embedded within the 'first tunes' [level appropriate]

For Advanced Players:
• What is Tachtadh Suas, Tachtadh Anuas, Colbh-Acair Méar & Fogha?
• A new way to interpret the Robert ap Huw Welsh harp manuscript

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