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Carolan’s Beat: an introduction to historically-informed rhythm

Andrew Lawrence King

75 mins

Level: All

Sunday July 25th

15:30 - 16:45 GMT

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  • Times shown are Irish summer time (GMT+1)
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Event Overview

What is Time? We feel at home – and make music – with the principles of mathematician Isaac Newton’s Absolute Time, ‘like an ever-rolling stream’ (Cambridge University 1687). But Newton’s new ideas were still fiercely resisted throughout Turlough Carolan’s lifetime (1670-1738): Irish harpers played music of an earlier Time, described in Aristotle’s 4th-century BC physics. This class opens a doorway to ancient Time, historical Rhythms and period Tempo. How does it feel to play Music of an Earlier Time?

Materials provided in advance: notation and mp3 of the tunes to be played.

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