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Diarmaid Ó Dúda [‘Dermot O'Dowd’]

Sylvia Crawford

75 mins

Level: All

Thursday July 29th

15:30 - 16:45 GMT

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Event Overview

In this class we will learn Diarmaid Ó Dúda, a very beautiful air that Edward Bunting collected from a harper more than 200 years ago. The version I will teach you is based on Bunting's live field transcription. I will give suggestions for fingerings, basses, and ornamentation. Like Caitlín Triall (taught on Wednesday), Diarmaid Ó Dúda is also a largely pentatonic tune. Both tunes are in G, but they sound very different; we will discuss why! I will be mentioning both of these tunes in my workshop on pentatonic modes (on Tuesday), but you do not need to have attended that in order to take part in this session or the previous session on Wednesday exploring Caitlín Triall, which are both stand-alone sessions. Each of these will give you a deeper understanding of pentatonic tunes and how they work.

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