July 23rd - 29th 2022


In the workshop: an historical harp maker’s perspective

Natalie Surina

60 mins

Level: All

Sunday July 25th

17:15 - 18:15 GMT +1

Event Overview

We will examine historical harp-making processes through a detective’s lens. You will have a chance to peek into a historical harp maker’s workshop, discover the constructional differences between historical and modern Irish harps, and learn about temptations as well as challenges in reconstructing historical instruments in a modern environment. We will look at somewhat unexpected, but common, features found across most of the extant old harps held in Irish and Scottish museums, and learn how these challenge a contemporary harp maker. We will also devise historical construction methods and techniques. And in the end you will see for yourself why it is so important to be able to look at the original instruments from all possible angles, inside and out, if one wants to create a true copy of an actual historical harp.

Post festival access: this event recording is available to ‘Early-Bird All Access’, ‘All Access’, and ‘Somerset Sunday Add-On’ ticket holders until 29th Dec. 2021.

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