What is the repertory of the old Irish harp? How do we find it?

Simon Chadwick

60 mins

Level: All

Sunday July 25th

17:15 - 18:15 GMT

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Event Overview

The old harpers didn’t write down their music, because they learned it, and passed it on, by ear. When the inherited oral tradition came to an end in the nineteenth century, that transmission stopped. So, anyone since then who has wanted to play old Irish or Scottish harp music has had to get it from somewhere else, outside the harp tradition. From the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, other musicians did write down harp music, and adapted it for keyboard, fiddle or other instruments. This session will discuss some of these sources, trying to understand them as second- or third-hand witnesses to the lost old harp traditions.

Materials provided in advance: PDF handouts.

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